Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Mental health nursing is the sub-field of nursing which deals with the study of caretaking of mental health disorder patients. It also involves the study of the ways for improving the lifestyle and quality of life of these patients. These specialized fields in the field of nursing have been introduced recently and involve studies related to the valuation, analysis, and treatment of mental disorder diseases. The mental health nurses regularly work closely with other health experts in a clinical group fully intent on giving the ideal clinical results to the patient. Mental disease can influence people of all ages, ethnic beginning, or financial status. Therefore, a mental health medical attendant may have to work with a wide range of people from different foundations. According to PhD dissertation writing services, students and researchers in the field of mental health nursing have to regularly research adding valuable content to the studies and for finding the solution and treatments for different mental disorders.

How To Choose A Research Topic For Mental Health Nursing Research Paper:

  • Conduct thorough research about the current and latest trends in mental health nursing and make a list of some topics that you find interesting and researchable. If you have not been working in the health care field yet, maybe there’s an illness or condition that intrigues you, through companions, family, or individual experience. Or then again, is there an infection in your heredity and you are keen on the danger factors for that condition/sickness and what essential anticipation techniques could be utilized to decrease the danger of creating it? Or on the other hand, you are keen on the best auxiliary or tertiary avoidance for that condition? You can read famous journals and find out what type of topics are considered worthy and important by the journal management for publishing and researching. You can also read the existing articles and in their suggestion and recommendation part, try to find what they have suggested for further research, and you can form the basis of your research on these suggestions. Similarly, you can search for gaps in existing articles and then research fil those gaps. If you have recently studied or encounter a patient with a specific mental health disease that interests you, you can choose it for research.
  • From the list evaluate each topic and separate those which are suitable for research, can find information on them easily, and can experiment on them.
  • Choose two topics of your interest.
  • Research your selected topic. Go through journals, articles, libraries, books, websites, and other available resources and check whether you find the relevant data on it. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you must have a basic understanding of the topic that you have selected for research. Otherwise, you will fail to find the right and relevant information and do proper research.
  • Conduct a primary literature search. Then make your topic of research specific. In beginning, you might be searching for a topic that is broad and has many sub-disciplines. Researching such a broad topic is difficult to handle and gets very complex. So you need to narrow down your research topic to make it specific.
  • After specifying the topic you must check whether you have specified it rightly and it is still researchable.
  • It is better to always consult your supervisor or professor before finalizing your topic.

Current Research Topic in Mental Health Nursing:

  • Study for analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of students during the lockdown.
  • Studies for evaluating the Mental health and psychological resilience during COVID-19
  • A comparative study to evaluate the effect on the mental health of children whose parents have a cardiac problem
  • A comparative study for analyzing hematopoietic device reaction in ophthalmology patient’s radiation therapy
  • A study to evaluate Whether or not predictive processing is a theory of perceptual consciousness?
  • A study to analyze the Social and psychological effects of virtual networks on college students.
  • Study to evaluate the role of media in provoking aggression in teenagers
  • A study to estimate the impact of Social Media Platforms on the Mental Wellbeing of Adults?
  • A study for the theoretical analysis of the Impact of Emotional Attachment on Mental Health of teenagers.
  • A study for the analysis of impact of the lifestyle and routine of soldiers on their mental health.

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