Chicago and MLA Style

A set of rules to cite the sources in an academic paper is known as a citation style. If you are referring to someone other’s work in your academic paper, you will have to cite this resource. If you will not cite its resource, you will have to face plagiarism issues. There are different types of citation styles. The most important types of citation styles are Chicago, MLA and APA. These citation styles have different rules to cite the sources. These differences are subtle. Therefore, you should be very careful while citing the sources in your academic paper. Before citing any source in your academic paper, you should check the rules. Here, experts of a dissertation help firm will discuss the difference between Chicago and MLA citation style.

Chicago Citation Style

Chicago citation style is the best citation style to cite notes and bibliography. It is also one of the most common types of citation styles. You can use the citations in the footprints and endnotes. The users have to use the bibliography to list these resources. You can use these resources in citing the sources of the science subjects.

Cite Sources With Notes:

You can use this citation style to cite the sources in the notes and bibliography format. To cite the sources, you will have to place a superscript number at the end of the sentence or clause. You will have to place it after the punctuation mark. The footprints will appear at the bottom of the page. On the other hand, the endnotes will appear at the end of the text. You can use one of them. After choosing one of them, you will have to use it consistently in your academic paper.

Create A Chicago Citation Style Bibliography:

In the bibliography section of your academic paper, you will have to list all the references. The bibliography section will appear at the end of your academic paper. You will have to use inverted names of the authors in the bibliography. The writers have to place these names alphabetically by the last names of the author. You will have to list each resource in a new line.

Chicago Author-Date Style:

In the social sciences, you will have to use the resources in the form of author-date format. When you will place citations in this format, they will appear in parentheses in your text. These citations are accompanied by a reference list. The reference list is similar to the bibliography. It also appears at the end of the text. Moreover, it will also contain a complete list of resources.

MLA Citation Style:

This citation style is most commonly used by the students in the humanities. In the MLA citation style, you can cite the sources in two different formats. First, you can cite the sources in the form of in-text citations. Secondly, you can also cite the sources in the form of the works cited list. The students have to follow some other MLA citation guidelines. For example, there should be a one-inch margin from all sides of the paper. There should be double-spacing throughout the document. You should also use intended paragraphs in this format.

MLA List Of Works Cited:

This list will provide the complete detail of the resources that you have used to gather the data for your academic paper. In the Chicago citation style, we say its bibliography. To provide complete information about a resource, we will have to use a template of nine elements. The nine core elements are author, the title of the resource, title of the container, list of contributors, version, number, name of the publisher, date of publication and location etc.

MLA In-Text Citations:

With the help of in-text citations, you can provide the complete detail about the resources in the body of your academic paper. You can use the in-text citations in some specific areas. For example, you can use it when you are using quotes in your documents. You can also use it when you use paraphrases in your academic paper. When you will have to refer the information from a resource, you can also use it. In the standard in-text citation by following the MLA citation style, you will have to write the last name of the author and date of the publication. Moreover, you will have to provide information about the exact location of the citation. If you have mentioned the name of the author in the academic paper, you just need to include the page number of the resource.

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